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Hopkinton Ashland American Youth Football

Contact: Matt Brown

Hopkinton Ashland American Youth Cheer

Hopkinton Boys Youth Lacrosse

Hopkinton Little League

Hopkinton Trails Club

Contact: John Ritz

About Us

The Hopkinton Trails Club is a volunteer group of area residents dedicated to enjoying and enhancing the existing trails in Town while promoting the creation of new trails and improving trail connections throughout the Community. The group has a monthly meeting, organizes walks, and participates in trail maintenance activities. The Club encourages residents to get involved in enjoying these resources and participating in club efforts.

Hopkinton Youth Soccer

Mass Mavericks Lacrosse

Full Speed Sports Contact: Jodi Dolan

About Us

Full Speed Sports provides opportunities for girls interested in working on skills related to lacrosse and field hockey.  With a primary focus on technical improvement, Full Speed’s dedicated staff of experienced and knowledgeable educators are unparalleled. Whether you are just learning the game, in search of a pre-season training opportunity, or looking to take your game to the next level, Full Speed offers a creative curriculum for everyone interested in improving various aspects of these sports.   

We pride ourselves on fostering connections through interactive activity and dynamic instruction.  With a player- centered philosophy, our coaches first priority is to establish a rapport with each participant.  We want every player leaving our program with more knowledge, more confidence and improved skill.  We at Full Speed believe individual attention creates trust which in turn enhances the participant’s willingness to work hard.